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Hello there and welcome to my SnoreRx Reviews website where I will address if this mouthpiece is one of the best snoring cures or not.

I am an very keen reviewer of products and services available on the internet. I like to think I am able to provide completely honest and unbiased reviews in an attempt to help people make informed decisions. This is not just a “Single Page” review of the mouthpiece. Please take the opportunity to look around.

The aim of this SnoreRx Reviews website is certainly not to try and convince you to buy the device.

My Snorerx mouthpiece

My personal mouthpiece

The goal, is to provide as much information as I can to help you decide one way or another if it is something that might help you or not. We are all different and we relate to a variety of different things. It is not for me to say this product is one of the best snoring cures in the world and you should go out and buy it before you go to bed tonight.

In actual fact, since I started this website I have commenced a much more in depth website called “Help To Stop Snoring” which includes a variety of other mouthpieces including SnoreRx. It is not my intentions to be single minded about what is the preferred option. There are a number of options open to us and I am hoping to provide some educated choices for people who suffer from snoring.

Click Here To Visit “Help To Stop Snoring” If You Would Prefer

What I can guarantee you is, I have completed some extensive research on the SnoreRx mouthpiece.  The task I have set for myself is to provide you with all the information I have gathered, so you can be better informed, to be able to make your own decisions to either try this product or not.

The photo on the right is my mouthpiece and you can see more Photos Of My SnoreRx here.

Significant Point To Start With

SnoreRx is NOT designed to address or resolved issues associated with Sleep Apnea. It is designed to address what is commonly referred to as “Simple Snoring”. You might be best to seek professional advice to clarify why YOU snore in the first place.


If you are someone who suffers from OSA you might be interested in reading a forum discussion regarding the positive use of SnoreRx by someone who suffers from the condition and who has used CPAP machines. The discussion takes place on the Apnea Board Products Review Forum and makes for interesting reading.

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  • How Does The Mouthpiece Work
  • Will It Work For You – Complete the short breathing test and do the quiz.
  • Latest Version of SnoreRx
  • Fully Cleared By The FDA -What Does This Mean
  • 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee
  • What Makes This Mouthpiece Different To Other Mouthpieces
  • Where Do You Buy It and What Does It Cost

Important Information On This Website

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You can also view the video below – It will summarize what is in the website

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How Does The Mouthpiece Work

SnoreRx is a Dental Lab Quality stop snoring mouthpiece constructed of medical-grade co-polymers and components. There are NO hard and uncomfortable acrylics used in its construction.

It is manufactured in the United States and sold in all over the world.

The Cause Of Snoring

The Cause Of Snoring

To understand how the device works it is important to understand what causes most people to snore. When we sleep the throat and tongue relax and at times they can collapse into the throat and partially block or restrict the air passage.

As we breath, the air rushes past these soft relaxed muscles and it is this that causes vibration of the muscles in the restricted area. This sound is what we hear as snoring.

As this diagram illustrated clearly, the tongue relaxes and collapses downwards onto the also relaxed throat, restricting the air passage.

The way SnoreRx works is by pushing the bottom jaw and tongue forward and away from the back of the throat. In doing this the mouthpiece opens up the restricted air passage, allowing a better flow of air, therefore stopping the vibration of the relaxed throat muscles and as a direct result,  provides snoring cures.

Will It Work For You

There is a very easy way you can confirm if it will work for you and I am going to tell you and show you right now.

You can take a small test as you are reading this review. It will only take a minute.

If you do this quick test you will obtain a very solid indication if it will work for you. If it doesn’t work for you, then there is a strong likelihood your snoring will be caused by other reasons [nasal issues] and not as I have described in the previous article.


Front View

My Own SnoreRx Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

THIS IS THE TEST – Follow these bullet point instructions:

🙂 The first thing you will have to do is close your mouth and breath through your nose as you would normally do. Relax but make sure your normal jaw bite comes together. Nothing unusual so far. You don’t have to lie down to do this in case you where wondering.

🙂 Now you are going to make the snoring vibrations towards the rear of your throat and nasal passage. I am sure you know how to make a snoring sound but if you don’t then continue to breath in and out drawing air quickly into the upper and back of your nasal passage and throat to create the vibrations. It’s not that difficult to do really because we all do it unconsciously on occasions to clear the back of our noses or throat, particularly if we have a cold or sore throat. An awful admission…Yuk.

🙂 It is now time to see if the stop snoring mouthpiece will work for you. Continue to try and make the “Fake” snoring noise but before you do so I want you to push your bottom jaw forward keeping your mouth closed as you do this. Keep you lips together and mouth closed.
The key here is to try making the “Fake” snoring noise you have just been making whilst your jaw is in a forward position. Try and make the back of you nose and throat vibrate [snore] in the same way as you have been doing. It can be hard to hold your jaw in the forward position while you are doing this I know. This is why these mouthpieces have been successful.

I am very sure you are finding it difficult to replicate this “Fake” snoring vibration if you are following these instructions. The simple act of pushing your bottom jaw forward has opened up the air passage at the rear of your throat  and doesn’t allow for vibrations.

Hopefully you have been able to follow these instructions and can see the logic behind the “Forward Jaw Movement” method.

Try This Easy Quiz To Confirm If It Will Work For You

It is a simple, fun, 5 step Quiz and will give you a score out of 100 to see if this snoring prevention device is something that might help you. You can even share your results with your friends on Twitter and Facebook if you like.

It compliments the snoring test you just did. Why not have a go.

Will SnoreRx Work For You?


How often do you snore?


Do you have a medically diagnosed cause for your snoring?


Did you make the snoring noise when you took the above test?


Did you stop making the snoring noise by moving your bottom jaw forward?


Have you tried a stop snoring mouthpiece before?


CLICK HERE To view video on the OFFICIAL SnoreRx website

Latest Version Of SnoreRx

Like any great product it is important to make sure it is up to date with new technology and design. The latest version of SnoreRx looks a little different than my original one but still works a treat.

Here are some graphics of the latest version. There are additional graphics on the official website.

New SnoreRx

This shows the new design prior to molding

New SnoreRx

The calibration has been reduced to 0-6mm

New SnoreRx

A side view shot showing the overall profile

Cleared By The FDA -What Does This Mean

If you are a product manufacturer and you have a full clearance from The United States Food and Drug Administration then you are well placed to market your product with confidence knowing that the highest scrutineer in the USA has given it the green light.

The Food and Drug Administration [FDA] is the United States health watchdog and holds significant importance in terms of protecting US citizens from products and scams that do not fulfill their marketing claims.

FDA ClearedAs a purchaser of products, on the internet especially, you can gain a huge sense of confidence knowing it has received the full support of the biggest and toughest watchdog on the beat.

You can gain a huge amount of confidence that this particular stop snoring device is safe and effective.

I am sure many snorers have already tried using solutions like pillows, breathing strips, sprays and even chinstraps to try and cure snoring and it is a good time to make the point that many have not been cleared by the US FDA.


100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

In the vast majority of instances health products will include a guarantee. The thing I like about SnoreRx is the fact it is a 100% Unconditional satisfaction money back guarantee even if you have tried it out.

100% Money Back Guarantee

In actual fact they go to great lengths to ask the user to ensure they try it out first and make the point that some people make the classic mistake of trying the stop snoring mouthpiece straight out of the box. Sometimes this results in unnecessary returns.

There are very clear instructions on the website showing you how to return the mouthpiece. They will accept returns even if the device is boiled and molded within 30 days of purchase. The only thing they ask is for returns to put RMA followed by your order number on the outside of the box. Refunds are processed within48 hours.

All returns must be sent to:
Apnea Sciences Corp (Attn: Returns)
27071 Cabot Road, Bldg# 118
Laguna Hills Ca 92653

I have written another article titled SnoreRx Set Up Instructions and suggest you read it. There is also a video supplied by the company in the article to show exactly how to prepare it before use. In fact, the initial appearance of the mouthpiece suggests it could be used immediately.


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What Makes It Different To Other Mouthpieces

There are two main things that sets this particular mouthpiece aside from its competitors.

1.   The first and single biggest difference is to the functionality of SnoreRx. It has a Calibrator. The Calibrator allows the user to adjust the level of the forward movement of the bottom jaw.

The diagram below details the Calibrator.

Mouthpiece Specifications

Mouthpiece Specifications

Unlike its competitors SnoreRx is able to adjust this forward movement gradually and with minimal discomfort, until you become accustomed to the re-positioning.

Competitor products lock the jaw into a preset and non-adjustable setting.  The unique design provides micro calibration of the bottom jaw to insure against Temporomandibular Disorder [TMD] which can be inflamed by rigid products.

The below video explains what TMD is. Not the best quality but explains it the best.


2.   The second main difference is the mouthpiece is molded to fit the individual user. It is boiled and inserted into the mouth to fit perfectly. Comfort level exceeds its competitors.

These are two very important distinctions and are both HIGHLY POSITIVE.

Where Do You Buy The Mouthpiece And What Does It Cost

I would strongly recommend you only buy SnoreRx from their official website.

Why?  For three very good reasons.

  • You can only pick up the 100% Money Back Guarantee from the owner of the product.
  • It is the one and only authentic site. It is best to avoid 3rd party vendors to ensure quality and the FDA clearance.
  • It is much easier to return the mouthpiece direct to the company if you need to.

It costs $99.00 [see discount codes below to save] and against other mouthpieces would appear to be expensive but don’t be fooled. The technology is far superior and it lasts much longer. It is a much better mouthpiece.


Two Discount Coupon Codes 10% & 15% Off

I am lucky enough to have access to an ongoing 15% discount coupon code. This 15% discount coupon codes change from time to time and I will update it so it will remain valid and work.

If……. for some reason it doesn’t work for you on the day [let me know] then you can use the “Subscribers” coupon code below.

Click on the below code or any other link on this page then enter it into the SnoreRx site when you order.


Click this current 15% Discount Code – SUPERSNX15


The subscribers discount coupon code is generally available when you sign up to subscribe to SnoreRx but normally you will not know this unless you try to leave the Order page on the official SnoreRx website. They make the offer of the discount to tempt you to buy. Why not. Many businesses will do this to capture sales.

Access the official SnoreRx website by clicking the below code or any other link on this page.


This is the Subscribers 10% Discount Code – THANKS888



My Conclusion / Recommendations

As you look through my SnoreRx Reviews website you will see I have carried out a huge amount of research on this stop snoring mouthpiece, and as a result I have come to the conclusion it is one of the very better snoring cures available on the market.

It is certainly a new product but based on my detailed knowledge of what the opposition products look like and their functionality, I firmly believe SnoreRx is a well placed cure for snoring.

I have written another article titled The Positives and Negative of SnoreRx and recommend you read it if you haven’t already.

The product is well priced considering its unique design and function, plus has the unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee.  Yes I know it is only a 30 day guarantee but it is in line with its competition and you don’t have to test it for months to see if it will work for you.

The stop snoring mouthpiece does work, and works well. I talk more about that in my article Does SnoreRx Work.

It is a only slightly more expensive [Cost is $99.00] than others but it does have a significant design and functionality advantages over them, so I think the price is well worth it.

At the end of the day……. it is well worth the cost if it means you can sleep in the same bed as your partner again and avoid having to say goodnight in the kitchen.



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