Photos Of My SnoreRx


Not only have I completed a review of SnoreRx but I actually have one of my own and still do use it, as my preferred snoring solution.

Here are a number of photos of my SnoreRx mouthpiece. Hopefully the photo’s will help  show you what it looks like up close and to also compliment the SnoreRx Video Demonstration I have completed.

The light blue you can see is the special molding. When you go through the personal fit-out and you insert SnoreRx into boiling water then bite down on it, it forms to your teeth and as a result improves the fit, comfort and grip. It is fantastic and is a MUST if you ever decide to try one out.

There is a video on the SnoreRx Setup Instructions page.

The Calibrator is the key to this mouthpiece. You can adjust it from 1mm to 10mm on an ongoing basis to suit the level that best works for you. If you set it to far forward then it is simple to move back again at any time. Full flexibility.

The purpose of the Calibrator is to move the lower jaw forward and as a result opens up the airways at the rear of the throat.

I hope you find them useful.

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My Snorerx mouthpiece

My Personal Mouthpiece


Front View

SnoreRx Stop Snoring Mouthpiece


Top View

Top View Showing Molding Completed


Side View

A Different side view


The Latest Version Of SnoreRx

These are some shots of the latest version of the SnoreRx mouthpiece.

New SnoreRx

A side view shot of the latest SnoreRx Mouthpiece

New SnoreRx

Showing the new 0 – 6 calibration for the new SnoreRx

New SnoreRx

SnoreRx prior to molding being completed

SnoreRx Official Website


Sleeping Disorders – Sleep Apnea Linked To Cancer


It is now becoming official. Sleeping Disorders like Sleep Apnea has been directly linked to Cancer.

The University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health released a study on the 20th May 2012 showing that those suffering from sleep apnea appear to have an increased risk of cancer mortality.

Cancer ResearchPrevious studies have linked the Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) problems to hypertension, cardiovascular disease, depression and earlier death, but this is the first to find a link to cancer.

The findings were based on data from sleep studies carried out on 1,522 people over 22 years. Previous lab tests on mice have shown that oxygen starvation, caused by snoring promotes tumor growth.

Lead author Dr. F. Javier Nieto, chair of the Department of Population Health Sciences at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health said the following:

Dr F Javier Nieto

Dr F Javier Nieto

“The consistency of the evidence from the animal experiments and this new evidence in humans is highly compelling.”

“Ours is the first study to show an association between Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB) and an elevated risk of cancer mortality in a population-based sample,” said Nieto, reports the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

“If the relationship between SDB and cancer mortality is validated in further studies, the diagnosis and treatment of SDB in patients with cancer might be indicated to prolong survival,” added Nieto, according to the Daily Mail.

The findings were presented at the American Thoracic Society international conference in San Francisco.

Mild snorers have a reduced exposures and are considered to have a negligible risk of dying from cancer. In moderate cases the risk doubles and then shoots up dramatically to nearly five times in case of severe snoring like that experienced by people who suffer from Sleep Apnea.

Tackling Sleep Apnea

Tackling Sleep Apnea

Research has long shown that those with sleep apnea have an increased risk of heart attack, stroke and diabetes, but a new study found those who have sleep apnea are up five times more likely to die from cancer than those without. It also found those who were not obese were more susceptible. These numbers are more than just a statistical anomaly.

“This is just another bit of evidence that says not breathing is bad for your health,” said Dr. Eric Hernandez, who explained that the negative health effects are caused by oxygen levels in the blood.

When those who suffer from sleep apnea stop breathing at multiple points through the night, sometimes for seconds or minutes at a time, blood vessels begin to grow into tissues suffering from a lack of oxygen to help combat the disease.

“If your oxygen drops, that means more blood vessels grow and if blood vessels grow into tumors, tumors grow faster,” explained Hernandez.

Dr. Nieto presented his study at the American Thoracic Society 2012 International Conference in San Francisco on May 20th.

Dr Susan B. Shurin

Dr Susan B. Shurin

His study was supported by the National Institutes of Health’s the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), the National Institute on Aging, and the former National Center for Research Resources. Dr. Susan B. Shurin, acting director of the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute commented:

“These findings provide clues to help further our understanding of the relationship between sleep and health … It will be important to understand the relationship and mechanisms, if the association is confirmed.”

Dr. Nieto and his team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison made their research in collaboration with Dr. Ramon Farré, professor of physiology at University of Barcelona, Spain, who presented a separate but highly relevant study at the ATS conference. Dr. Farre’s team demonstrated that intermittent hypoxia on cancer growth is considerably stronger in lean mice than in obese mice.

About 28 million Americans including 300,000 Minnesotans, have some form of sleep apnea, though many cases go undiagnosed.

If you would like to read more from the main article  Click Here . I would recommend you read it.

Will SnoreRx Cure Sleep Apnea

At this time I would like to point out to you that at no time does SnoreRx profess to cure Sleep Apnea.

If you suffer from OSA then you might be interested in this Forum discussion on the Apnea Board Products Reviews Forum. The discussion centers around a gentleman who suffers from OSA and has used a CPAP machine for some time but doesn’t like it. He has recently been using SnoreRx with very positive results. Makes for interesting reading.

SnoreRx is designed to help those people suffering from what is termed “Simple Snoring”. Snoring caused by air flow restrictions in the throat and not for OSA.

The above mentioned study does however, strongly link people who snore excessively with cancer so it is reasonable to assume that if you are a heavy snorer then you may very well have more to be concerned about.

The Cause of Simple Snoring

The Cause Of Simple Snoring

My Conclusions/Recommendations

This is the main thing I have taken from this study because I believe it to be more relevant to general “Simple Snorers”

“Mild snorers have a negligible risk of dying from cancer, but doubles in moderate cases and shoots up to nearly five times in case of severe snoring.”

The other thing I picked up was the fact you don’t have to be carrying excessive weight to be in the high risk cancer link category.

I am very lean and I have only ever been an occasional to mild snorer but I chose to use SnoreRx to knock it on the head.

I think you would do well to do something about your snoring now, whether you decide on SnoreRx or not is up to you but I can tell you I have tried others and some do work BUT SnoreRx is by far the best one.

It would be a good idea to seek professional advice to ascertain exactly what is causing your snoring.

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SnoreRx Reviews – Video Demonstration


The content of information on this page of the SnoreRx Reviews website will be mainly contained within the videos below.

Video 1 video is detailed in its content and I show you a number of things about the SnoreRx snoring cures mouthpiece including:

  • Introduction.
  • Unpacking.
  • Close up look at the construction – literally pull it apart and detach the molding from the main frame.
  • Explore the shape of the molding and reveal a key to making a decision about SnoreRX.
  • Demonstrating the Calibrator.
  • Setting the molding to suit my mouth.
  • Summary, including personal fitting.

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Video 1 – Demonstration of the Original SnoreRx Mouthpiece



Video 2 – The Latest Release SnoreRx



I hope you enjoy the SnoreRx Reviews Mouthpiece Demonstration videos and that you find them useful.

The main thing I pointed out in the demonstration in “Video 1” was the big difference in how the mouthpiece felt in my mouth, BEFORE and AFTER I completed my molding. It would be a mistake on your behalf if you made a decision one way or another about SnoreRx until you have personally molded the mouthpiece to fit your mouth, if it is for you of course.

There is a HUGE difference in how it sits and feels in your mouth once you have completed the molding procedures.

If you haven’t already viewed the video on how to set up the mouthpiece, then view the video in my article titled SnoreRx Set Up Instructions.

My Conclusions

Very pleased with the end result once I had completed my “Set Up”. Have to admit I was feeling very unsure about SnoreRx when I initially unpacked it and placed it in my mouth straight away.

It really is VERY important to follow the process of molding the mouthpiece before making any negative judgements. As I have already said in this review, SnoreRx the company, do tell you they recommend you fit the mouthpiece before thinking of returning it.  They will refund on a mouthpiece within 30 days even if you have completed the personal molding.

Give it a try… will be pleasantly surprised.

SnoreRx Official Website

The Positives and Negatives of SnoreRx


This part of my SnoreRx Reviews will focus on the Positives and Negatives of what is considered to be one of the best snoring cures.

As part of any review I complete I will always list what I see as the Good Bad and Ugly of the product or service. Is is well and good to talk up a product like SnoreRx but in my experience there is always something that could be improved or that I do not like.

When I complete this part of the review I will cover not just the product but the whole package including the company, the marketing and the public reaction.

Now in saying this I will tell you that I very rarely complete reviews on products I really don’t like. People are pretty smart, and in my experience they identify products that are bad, very easily. It is those ones they are generally not sure of that these types of reviews are found to be helpful.

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SnoreRx Positives

😛 It has a built in Calibrator. The Calibrator allows the user to control the forward movement of the bottom part of the mouthpiece in 1mm increments. This is a BIG positive as it provides more comfort, increased adaptability, more effective use for a multitude of users. One of its competitor products does have a level of adjustment but you can only do it the once, then it is set, unlike SnoreRx which you can adjust on a continual basis.

😛 It can be molded to fit your mouth. It is not a generic mouthpiece and designed to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly.

😛 This design is as a result of competition. SnoreRx have built a mouthpiece based on the successful element of each of its competitors and customer feedback. It is an all in one package of all the strong points from other mouthpieces. My research and personal experience confirms this.

😛 It has full FDA clearance. Not many products of this nature obtain full clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration. I would consider this to be a significant positive.

😛 The mouthpiece is constructed of medical-grade co-polymers and components.  There is no latex, acrylics or BPA (Bisphenol A). Unfortunately some poorly designed mouthpieces  have been know to use materials that become brittle and break.

😛 The Micro-Fit design exceeds the 2011 OAOSA Medicare Design Guidelines. The design is focused on the cause of snoring.

😛 The unique design is a result of the scientific study focused on the cause of snoring. Cleared they have identified what causes snoring and built snoring cures around the cause. I can certainly relate to this approach more than a pillow.

😛 The unconditional 30 day money bank guarantee is important to prospective buyers. The fact you can tell within a few days whether it is going to be for you or not, provides sufficient time to make a decision to keep or return. The other major plus is the fact they will accept returns after you have molded it. In fact they almost insist you mold if first because you will have no idea how well it fits until you do this.

😛 There is a high rate of success with mouthpieces experiencing anything from 84%-94% success rate depending on who is doing the research or survey.

😛 Considering the quality, design and functionality of SnoreRx I believe it is extremely well priced at $99.00. Yes, is more expensive than its competitors but in this case you certainly get what you pay for. In my opinion it is extremely cheap when you think about the health and social impact snoring has on you and your family.

😛 It will last from between 12-15 months but this does depend on the individual user. If you grind your teeth badly then it will have a shorter lifetime.

😛 It is manufactured in the USA and sold internationally. WOW – it is only new and is already going worldwide.

😛 It does not cause TMD or TMJ pain after use. Refer to my SnoreRx FAQ page for details

😛 There are clear details on the website on how to best return the mouthpiece if you are not happy with it.

😛 The website offers prospective users a “Confidential Consultant” option to answer any health related concerns visitors may have. This is a nice addition to a website and one I have not seen before. See below.

😛 When you go through the order process you have to “Qualify” yourself with a number of questions to be answered. To be able to sell these types of mouthpieces online, manufacturers must obtain a special license. These qualifying questions are to comply with the license. I think this is great to see. We are talking about your health here so it must be done the right way.

Confidential SnoreRx Consultant

CLICK To Access The Confidential SnoreRx Consultant

Click Here To Visit The Official SnoreRx Website

SnoreRx Negatives

🙁 The mouthpiece does feel tight when you insert it into the mouth if you haven’t molded it. If you have a small mouth and have a tendency to gag then it may be a problem for you. I felt a bit like this when I first inserted SnoreRx in my mouth BEFORE I molded it then I remembered what the instructions said. You have to mold it first because it will fit far better once you have done this. It felt a lot better once my teeth where able to sit more comfortably into the mouthpiece and not on top of the mold.

This is VERY IMPORTANT – do not make a judgement on SnoreRx before you complete the molding, because it will not sit in your mouth properly until you do this. Make sure you view the SnoreRx Reviews – Video Demonstration I have made. It will clearly show you what I mean.

🙁 Whilst the video content on the website is good, the delivery could be better.

🙁 People wearing Dentures cannot use the mouthpiece. It is the same right across the board for stop snoring mouthpieces of this kind so I guess it just isn’t SnoreRx. It is because they cannot guarantee dentures will not be adversely impacted by the pressure applied when the mouthpiece is used. It is really a common sense approach to be fair.

My Conclusion

I finished off these Positives and Negatives and after reviewing them saw straight away that the main problem I have with SnoreRx is from the marketing side of things and not the stop snoring mouthpiece itself.

I have been around snoring mouthpieces for one reason or another for awhile now and have to say that I do know what I like and don’t like, what works and what doesn’t work PLUS more importantly what people suffering from snoring are looking for and what they aren’t.

People with a snoring problem who are looking for snoring cures are looking at something that works and will not cost an arm and a leg.

SnoreRx does deliver in this regard and it has enough of the big important boxes ticked with big red ticks.

Thumbs Up To SnoreRx

I give it the thumbs up.

SnoreRx Official Website

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SnoreRx Scam Or Snoring Cures

What are the main questions people ask when they first look at the new SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece. What are you asking yourself right now.

Question 1.  Does SnoreRx provide Snoring Cures?

Question 2.  Is SnoreRx “THE ONE” that finally Cures Snoring?

Question 3.  Is this SnoreRx mouthpiece just another one of those scams.

Question 4.  Will this Stop Snoring Mouthpiece work for me?


The answers are both YES and NO

Answer to 1.  YES……… it will prevent snoring for the vast majority of people who try it and continue to use it.

Answer to 2.  NO…….. it will not be the Holy Grail of snoring cures because a permanent cure has not been discovered as of the date of this article. None of the snoring cures on the market are really snoring cures. They are snoring prevention devices. Nobody has come up with definitive cures for snoring yet to my knowledge. They can prevent it in many case, but not cure it.

Answer to 3.   NO……. it is not a scam. Far from it.

Answer to 4.  YES……There is a good chance it will work for you. You can take a very easy test right now to see if SnoreRx has the potential to work for you. Go to the main page of this web site, scroll down and read the article titled Will SnoreRx Work For You. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy the test is.

CLICK HERE To Visit The OFFICIAL SnoreRx website

Now you knew this anyway and it really is just a choice of words that separates facts and what you are really looking for. If you are looking for some relief from snoring [not snoring cures] either for yourself or someone you know, then SnoreRx will at least give you an option to try.

Stop snoring mouthpieces like SnoreRx do work and let me tell you why I believe this.

💡 The FDA has cleared this mouthpiece and very few snoring prevention mouthpieces obtain clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. They are the industry watchdog and they are tough to get past if you don’t have the right product. SnoreRx is cleared which means it is safe plus effective at treating snoring.

FDA Cleared

💡 During my research on snoring prevention devices like SnoreRx I visited many government websites [see side bar links] as have SnoreRx, which confirm there is enough evidence to support the use of mouthpieces.

💡 There are sufficient numbers of clinical studies confirming that Mandibular Repositioning Devices [MRDs] work effectively as a treatment for preventing snoring. I also believe MRD’s are very effective as a treatment for snoring. In support, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine also recommends these oral appliances as the primary intervention therapy before surgery.  I have placed a video on the main page of this SnoreRx Reviews website which explains what MRD is. It is titled TMJ Pain Explained.

💡 A recent study conducted in the UK, of a small group consisting of 25 heavy snorers, discovered the use of these “mandibular advancement appliances”, [mouthpieces] effectively reduced snoring for 84% of the participants with 76% saying they had snored on fewer nights during the week.

In the vast majority of cases snoring is caused by air passage restrictions at the back of the throat. This diagram shows what I mean.

The Cause Of Snoring

The Cause Of Snoring

Surgery can certainly work but it can be very expensive and as with any surgery has risks. The other issue is there are no long term guarantees with surgery as it can re-occur after a couple of years

Nose strips, like nasal dilators can help, but only a small percentage of snorers have a problem with the shape of their nostrils. Some are too narrow and restrict normal nasal airflow. This problem is not the typical reason most people snore.

Special pillows provide short term relief, because they only encourage sufferers to sleep on their sides rather than their backs. Apart from this benefit, they don’t offer much relief.

Throat lubricants or more commonly known as sprays have limited effectiveness.

SnoreRx focuses on the single primary cause of snoring and provides a scientific solution to the problem of restricted air passage due to collapsing soft throat and tongue tissue.

I have placed a video from the SnoreRx website on my SnoreRx Reviews page under the heading Will SnoreRx Work For You  and it explains exactly what causes snoring.

While you are there make sure you take the Quick Test to see if SnoreRx will work for you.

Scam Or Snoring Cures – My Conclusion

If you are searching the internet looking for snoring cures as such, then you will have to accept that your choice of words cannot be fulfilled in the context of your desire to stop snoring but you may have found the next best thing.

To my knowledge a long term solution has not been found yet, but if you are looking for something that will prevent you, or someone you know from snoring, then this SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece is a great option to consider.

No……..SnoreRx is NOT a scam.

It may very well help prevent you from snoring but in my opinion, in the true sense of the word, it is NOT a snoring cure……but it is pretty close.

Click HERE or the “Sleeping Beauties” below to visit the OFFICIAL SnoreRx website.

SnoreRx Official Website


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SnoreRx Set Up Instructions


SnoreRx has been designed to be a MICRO-FIT device. This means it is designed to fit the individual and not the masses. To do this there are some very simple set up instructions to follow.

Micro-Fit DesignedThe mouthpiece has a state of the art patented design and we are told it not only meets, but exceeds the 2011 OAOSA Medicare Design Guidelines. Whilst we may brush off this claim because we don’t really understand what relevance it has, in the industry this is considered to be the “Holy Grail” of design.  In real terms SnoreRx is considered to be at the high end of the stop snoring mouthpieces market.

It is intended for the mouthpiece to be boiled then molded to the individual user, before being used.

This video below is from the official SnoreRx website and demonstrates what you need to do to custom fit it for your own individual use.

Click on the video to play


Alternatively CLICK Here to visit the OFFICIAL SnoreRx website and view the video

It is a very specifically designed snoring cures mouthpiece and much of what has been learned over the years from competitor mouthpieces has been refined into a very specifically designed product.

The stop snoring mouthpiece can be molded to fit the individual users mouth, plus it can Calibrated [adjusted] to apply correct and comfortable pressure on the forward advancement of the bottom jaw.

I have written an article titled How Does SnoreRx Work on the main page of this website, which explains why the forward movement of the bottom jaw is a critical factor in snoring cures like this mouthpiece.

Calibrations is very important.

SnoreRx Mouthpiece - Specifications

SnoreRx Mouthpiece – Specifications


This forward calibration or movement forward is a huge POSITIVE for this snoring mouthpiece and sets itself well ahead of its competitors.

Some of the main issues associated with competitor mouthpieces is COMFORT.  SnoreRx is leading well ahead of its rivals by ensuring the mouthpiece can be molded to fit, and by making the realignment of the bottom jaw a gradual one which adds significantly to comfort.

The transition time is recommended at 3-5 days with gradual increases over this period.

I have written an article on The Positives and Negatives of SnoreRx and recommend you take the time to read it.

Very Important Point About Set Up

Under no circumstances should you make a NEGATIVE decision about SnoreRx until you have completed the molding process. If you place SnoreRx in your mouth before you mold it, and you will, it is going to feel too big and too tight on your teeth. You will find it difficult to make your teeth fit the existing mold. It is set up like this so that when you heat it up and bite down on it, the mouthpiece will soften and move to fit your teeth.

If your mouth is small then you may very well think you are going to gag or not be able to breathe.

Make sure you view the video demonstration I have completed in the article titled SnoreRx Reviews – Video Demonstration.

Don’t make the mistake of rejecting SnoreRx and returning it until you have completed the molding first. It felt weird in my mouth as well, until I boiled it and went through the correct “Set Up” process. It took only one try for me to make my teeth impressions comfortable and for it to fit in my mouth. Felt great once I had set it up.

If I had to make any recommendations at all in this review, it would be to make sure you do this before you make any decisions about returning it.

Click Here To Gain Access To The OFFICIAL SnoreRx Website


SnoreRx Official Website



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