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The content of information on this page of the SnoreRx Reviews website will be mainly contained within the videos below.

Video 1 video is detailed in its content and I show you a number of things about the SnoreRx snoring cures mouthpiece including:

  • Introduction.
  • Unpacking.
  • Close up look at the construction – literally pull it apart and detach the molding from the main frame.
  • Explore the shape of the molding and reveal a key to making a decision about SnoreRX.
  • Demonstrating the Calibrator.
  • Setting the molding to suit my mouth.
  • Summary, including personal fitting.

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Video 1 – Demonstration of the Original SnoreRx Mouthpiece



Video 2 – The Latest Release SnoreRx



I hope you enjoy the SnoreRx Reviews Mouthpiece Demonstration videos and that you find them useful.

The main thing I pointed out in the demonstration in “Video 1” was the big difference in how the mouthpiece felt in my mouth, BEFORE and AFTER I completed my molding. It would be a mistake on your behalf if you made a decision one way or another about SnoreRx until you have personally molded the mouthpiece to fit your mouth, if it is for you of course.

There is a HUGE difference in how it sits and feels in your mouth once you have completed the molding procedures.

If you haven’t already viewed the video on how to set up the mouthpiece, then view the video in my article titled SnoreRx Set Up Instructions.

My Conclusions

Very pleased with the end result once I had completed my “Set Up”. Have to admit I was feeling very unsure about SnoreRx when I initially unpacked it and placed it in my mouth straight away.

It really is VERY important to follow the process of molding the mouthpiece before making any negative judgements. As I have already said in this review, SnoreRx the company, do tell you they recommend you fit the mouthpiece before thinking of returning it.  They will refund on a mouthpiece within 30 days even if you have completed the personal molding.

Give it a try… will be pleasantly surprised.

SnoreRx Official Website

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