SnoreRx Scam Or Snoring Cures

What are the main questions people ask when they first look at the new SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece. What are you asking yourself right now.

Question 1.  Does SnoreRx provide Snoring Cures?

Question 2.  Is SnoreRx “THE ONE” that finally Cures Snoring?

Question 3.  Is this SnoreRx mouthpiece just another one of those scams.

Question 4.  Will this Stop Snoring Mouthpiece work for me?


The answers are both YES and NO

Answer to 1.  YES……… it will prevent snoring for the vast majority of people who try it and continue to use it.

Answer to 2.  NO…….. it will not be the Holy Grail of snoring cures because a permanent cure has not been discovered as of the date of this article. None of the snoring cures on the market are really snoring cures. They are snoring prevention devices. Nobody has come up with definitive cures for snoring yet to my knowledge. They can prevent it in many case, but not cure it.

Answer to 3.   NO……. it is not a scam. Far from it.

Answer to 4.  YES……There is a good chance it will work for you. You can take a very easy test right now to see if SnoreRx has the potential to work for you. Go to the main page of this web site, scroll down and read the article titled Will SnoreRx Work For You. You will be pleasantly surprised how easy the test is.

CLICK HERE To Visit The OFFICIAL SnoreRx website

Now you knew this anyway and it really is just a choice of words that separates facts and what you are really looking for. If you are looking for some relief from snoring [not snoring cures] either for yourself or someone you know, then SnoreRx will at least give you an option to try.

Stop snoring mouthpieces like SnoreRx do work and let me tell you why I believe this.

💡 The FDA has cleared this mouthpiece and very few snoring prevention mouthpieces obtain clearance from the Food and Drug Administration. They are the industry watchdog and they are tough to get past if you don’t have the right product. SnoreRx is cleared which means it is safe plus effective at treating snoring.

FDA Cleared

💡 During my research on snoring prevention devices like SnoreRx I visited many government websites [see side bar links] as have SnoreRx, which confirm there is enough evidence to support the use of mouthpieces.

💡 There are sufficient numbers of clinical studies confirming that Mandibular Repositioning Devices [MRDs] work effectively as a treatment for preventing snoring. I also believe MRD’s are very effective as a treatment for snoring. In support, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine also recommends these oral appliances as the primary intervention therapy before surgery.  I have placed a video on the main page of this SnoreRx Reviews website which explains what MRD is. It is titled TMJ Pain Explained.

💡 A recent study conducted in the UK, of a small group consisting of 25 heavy snorers, discovered the use of these “mandibular advancement appliances”, [mouthpieces] effectively reduced snoring for 84% of the participants with 76% saying they had snored on fewer nights during the week.

In the vast majority of cases snoring is caused by air passage restrictions at the back of the throat. This diagram shows what I mean.

The Cause Of Snoring

The Cause Of Snoring

Surgery can certainly work but it can be very expensive and as with any surgery has risks. The other issue is there are no long term guarantees with surgery as it can re-occur after a couple of years

Nose strips, like nasal dilators can help, but only a small percentage of snorers have a problem with the shape of their nostrils. Some are too narrow and restrict normal nasal airflow. This problem is not the typical reason most people snore.

Special pillows provide short term relief, because they only encourage sufferers to sleep on their sides rather than their backs. Apart from this benefit, they don’t offer much relief.

Throat lubricants or more commonly known as sprays have limited effectiveness.

SnoreRx focuses on the single primary cause of snoring and provides a scientific solution to the problem of restricted air passage due to collapsing soft throat and tongue tissue.

I have placed a video from the SnoreRx website on my SnoreRx Reviews page under the heading Will SnoreRx Work For You  and it explains exactly what causes snoring.

While you are there make sure you take the Quick Test to see if SnoreRx will work for you.

Scam Or Snoring Cures – My Conclusion

If you are searching the internet looking for snoring cures as such, then you will have to accept that your choice of words cannot be fulfilled in the context of your desire to stop snoring but you may have found the next best thing.

To my knowledge a long term solution has not been found yet, but if you are looking for something that will prevent you, or someone you know from snoring, then this SnoreRx stop snoring mouthpiece is a great option to consider.

No……..SnoreRx is NOT a scam.

It may very well help prevent you from snoring but in my opinion, in the true sense of the word, it is NOT a snoring cure……but it is pretty close.

Click HERE or the “Sleeping Beauties” below to visit the OFFICIAL SnoreRx website.

SnoreRx Official Website


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