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SnoreRx has been designed to be a MICRO-FIT device. This means it is designed to fit the individual and not the masses. To do this there are some very simple set up instructions to follow.

Micro-Fit DesignedThe mouthpiece has a state of the art patented design and we are told it not only meets, but exceeds the 2011 OAOSA Medicare Design Guidelines. Whilst we may brush off this claim because we don’t really understand what relevance it has, in the industry this is considered to be the “Holy Grail” of design.  In real terms SnoreRx is considered to be at the high end of the stop snoring mouthpieces market.

It is intended for the mouthpiece to be boiled then molded to the individual user, before being used.

This video below is from the official SnoreRx website and demonstrates what you need to do to custom fit it for your own individual use.

Click on the video to play


Alternatively CLICK Here to visit the OFFICIAL SnoreRx website and view the video

It is a very specifically designed snoring cures mouthpiece and much of what has been learned over the years from competitor mouthpieces has been refined into a very specifically designed product.

The stop snoring mouthpiece can be molded to fit the individual users mouth, plus it can Calibrated [adjusted] to apply correct and comfortable pressure on the forward advancement of the bottom jaw.

I have written an article titled How Does SnoreRx Work on the main page of this website, which explains why the forward movement of the bottom jaw is a critical factor in snoring cures like this mouthpiece.

Calibrations is very important.

SnoreRx Mouthpiece - Specifications

SnoreRx Mouthpiece – Specifications


This forward calibration or movement forward is a huge POSITIVE for this snoring mouthpiece and sets itself well ahead of its competitors.

Some of the main issues associated with competitor mouthpieces is COMFORT.  SnoreRx is leading well ahead of its rivals by ensuring the mouthpiece can be molded to fit, and by making the realignment of the bottom jaw a gradual one which adds significantly to comfort.

The transition time is recommended at 3-5 days with gradual increases over this period.

I have written an article on The Positives and Negatives of SnoreRx and recommend you take the time to read it.

Very Important Point About Set Up

Under no circumstances should you make a NEGATIVE decision about SnoreRx until you have completed the molding process. If you place SnoreRx in your mouth before you mold it, and you will, it is going to feel too big and too tight on your teeth. You will find it difficult to make your teeth fit the existing mold. It is set up like this so that when you heat it up and bite down on it, the mouthpiece will soften and move to fit your teeth.

If your mouth is small then you may very well think you are going to gag or not be able to breathe.

Make sure you view the video demonstration I have completed in the article titled SnoreRx Reviews – Video Demonstration.

Don’t make the mistake of rejecting SnoreRx and returning it until you have completed the molding first. It felt weird in my mouth as well, until I boiled it and went through the correct “Set Up” process. It took only one try for me to make my teeth impressions comfortable and for it to fit in my mouth. Felt great once I had set it up.

If I had to make any recommendations at all in this review, it would be to make sure you do this before you make any decisions about returning it.

Click Here To Gain Access To The OFFICIAL SnoreRx Website


SnoreRx Official Website



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