The Positives and Negatives of SnoreRx


This part of my SnoreRx Reviews will focus on the Positives and Negatives of what is considered to be one of the best snoring cures.

As part of any review I complete I will always list what I see as the Good Bad and Ugly of the product or service. Is is well and good to talk up a product like SnoreRx but in my experience there is always something that could be improved or that I do not like.

When I complete this part of the review I will cover not just the product but the whole package including the company, the marketing and the public reaction.

Now in saying this I will tell you that I very rarely complete reviews on products I really don’t like. People are pretty smart, and in my experience they identify products that are bad, very easily. It is those ones they are generally not sure of that these types of reviews are found to be helpful.

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SnoreRx Positives

πŸ˜› It has a built in Calibrator. The Calibrator allows the user to control the forward movement of the bottom part of the mouthpiece in 1mm increments. This is a BIG positive as it provides more comfort, increased adaptability, more effective use for a multitude of users. One of its competitor products does have a level of adjustment but you can only do it the once, then it is set, unlike SnoreRx which you can adjust on a continual basis.

πŸ˜› It can be molded to fit your mouth. It is not a generic mouthpiece and designed to fit your teeth and mouth perfectly.

πŸ˜› This design is as a result of competition. SnoreRx have built a mouthpiece based on the successful element of each of its competitors and customer feedback. It is an all in one package of all the strong points from other mouthpieces. My research and personal experience confirms this.

πŸ˜› It has full FDA clearance. Not many products of this nature obtain full clearance by the United States Food and Drug Administration. I would consider this to be a significant positive.

πŸ˜› The mouthpiece is constructed of medical-grade co-polymers and components.Β  There is no latex, acrylics or BPA (Bisphenol A). Unfortunately some poorly designed mouthpiecesΒ  have been know to use materials that become brittle and break.

πŸ˜› The Micro-Fit design exceeds the 2011 OAOSA Medicare Design Guidelines. The design is focused on the cause of snoring.

πŸ˜› The unique design is a result of the scientific study focused on the cause of snoring. Cleared they have identified what causes snoring and built snoring cures around the cause. I can certainly relate to this approach more than a pillow.

πŸ˜› The unconditional 30 day money bank guarantee is important to prospective buyers. The fact you can tell within a few days whether it is going to be for you or not, provides sufficient time to make a decision to keep or return. The other major plus is the fact they will accept returns after you have molded it. In fact they almost insist you mold if first because you will have no idea how well it fits until you do this.

πŸ˜› There is a high rate of success with mouthpieces experiencing anything from 84%-94% success rate depending on who is doing the research or survey.

πŸ˜› Considering the quality, design and functionality of SnoreRx I believe it is extremely well priced at $99.00. Yes, is more expensive than its competitors but in this case you certainly get what you pay for. In my opinion it is extremely cheap when you think about the health and social impact snoring has on you and your family.

πŸ˜› It will last from between 12-15 months but this does depend on the individual user. If you grind your teeth badly then it will have a shorter lifetime.

πŸ˜› It is manufactured in the USA and sold internationally. WOW – it is only new and is already going worldwide.

πŸ˜› It does not cause TMD or TMJ pain after use. Refer to myΒ SnoreRx FAQ page for details

πŸ˜› There are clear details on the website on how to best return the mouthpiece if you are not happy with it.

πŸ˜› The website offers prospective users a “Confidential Consultant” option to answer any health related concerns visitors may have. This is a nice addition to a website and one I have not seen before. See below.

πŸ˜› When you go through the order process you have to “Qualify” yourself with a number of questions to be answered. To be able to sell these types of mouthpieces online, manufacturers must obtain a special license. These qualifying questions are to comply with the license. I think this is great to see. We are talking about your health here so it must be done the right way.

Confidential SnoreRx Consultant

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SnoreRx Negatives

πŸ™ The mouthpiece does feel tight when you insert it into the mouth if you haven’t molded it. If you have a small mouth and have a tendency to gag then it may be a problem for you. I felt a bit like this when I first inserted SnoreRx in my mouth BEFORE I molded it then I remembered what the instructions said. You have to mold it first because it will fit far better once you have done this. It felt a lot better once my teeth where able to sit more comfortably into the mouthpiece and not on top of the mold.

This is VERY IMPORTANT – do not make a judgement on SnoreRx before you complete the molding, because it will not sit in your mouth properly until you do this. Make sure you view theΒ SnoreRx Reviews – Video Demonstration I have made. It will clearly show you what I mean.

πŸ™ Whilst the video content on the website is good, the delivery could be better.

πŸ™ People wearing Dentures cannot use the mouthpiece. It is the same right across the board for stop snoring mouthpieces of this kind so I guess it just isn’t SnoreRx. It is because they cannot guarantee dentures will not be adversely impacted by the pressure applied when the mouthpiece is used. It is really a common sense approach to be fair.

My Conclusion

I finished off these Positives and Negatives and after reviewing them saw straight away that the main problem I have with SnoreRx is from the marketing side of things and not the stop snoring mouthpiece itself.

I have been around snoring mouthpieces for one reason or another for awhile now and have to say that I do know what I like and don’t like, what works and what doesn’t work PLUS more importantly what people suffering from snoring are looking for and what they aren’t.

People with a snoring problem who are looking for snoring cures are looking at something that works and will not cost an arm and a leg.

SnoreRx does deliver in this regard and it has enough of the big important boxes ticked with big red ticks.

Thumbs Up To SnoreRx

I give it the thumbs up.

SnoreRx Official Website

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